Who Are We?

We are a small team of artists and content creators with over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry, producing award winning content for studios such as Disney, ABC Television, Pixar, Lucas Films and Marvel.  

The Lot Creative was born out of a desire to help independent content creators tell their stories without compromising their creative vision. As storytellers ourselves, we know that logistics and budget can often times make filming on location difficult if not downright impossible, yet all-too-often, access to the right location can make or break an otherwise promising indie project.


At The Lot, our goal is to make the same virtual production techniques used by the big Hollywood Studios available to independent content creators like you.


Check out our explainer video above to see how we can help. 


What Is Virtual Production?

In general, virtual production can refer to any number of techniques that allow creators to plan or complete some kind of filmic element. This is typically accomplished with the aid of digital tools. Those techniques can include motion capture, green screen, VR, AR, virtual cameras, photogrammetry, real-time rendering and / or any combination of these and more. 

You can see examples of virtual production in films such as AvatarThe Lion King and Ready Player One as well as episodic television productions like ABC's Once Upon A Time and HBO's Game of Thrones.  These techniques allow producers to create and film in elaborate sets and locations that might otherwise be too expensive, too impractical or simply impossible to film in IRL.   


How Do We Do It?

For our purposes, The Lot provides virtual production services that allow content creators to film their actors on green screen and upload their footage to be composited into a stock virtual set or location of their choosing. The composited footage is then rendered out and delivered back to the content creator to be incorporated into their final edits.  


Have Questions?

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