Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get started?

We strongly recommend scheduling a phone consultation to discuss your project while it's still in the pre-production phase. This will allow us to communicate best practices that will help head off any issues that you might encounter down the production pipeline and save you time and money. Schedule A Consultation Now

What if I don’t see the set I’m looking for?

No problem. Chances are we can find it for you. Schedule and phone consultation to discuss your project and how we canl help you find what your looking for. Schedule A Consultation Now

Can I buy the CGI Models on your site?

Unfortunately, no. We work with stock models which have licensing agreements that prevent us from reselling the CGI meshes.

I don’t like the idea of using stock sets.  Can you create something custom for me?

Possibly. Schedule a phone consultation to discuss your budget and your needs.

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I already have a 3D model.  Can you use it instead?

Possibly. Some models have issues with their mesh and need extensive work to make them usable. Before we use a model, we normally spend a good deal of time fixing issues, adding quality textures and materials and creating custom lighting setups. We’re happy to take a look at your model but we can’t guarantee that it will be usable or that it won’t take substantial work to make it production ready.

What if I want to make changes to an existing set I found on your site?

Much like a physical backlot, we have the ability to can make changes in the look and feel of our sets to match the unique needs of your production. We can change colors and textures, add set dressing, change the lighting and even add animation and volumetrics. Check out our props and vehicles section to see what add ons are readily available. If you don't find what you need chances are we can still make it happen. Schedule a phone consultation to discuss your project needs in detail.

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Can I hire one of your producers as an on-set consultant or production supervisor to work on my production?

Yes. We’re available to do on-set consulting and supervision. Send us an email or schedule a phone consultation to get a quote.

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